Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions you may have about or eBilling are listed below.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, there are several online options. Your bank may allow you to use a bill pay function at no cost. We also offer a service that accepts most credits cards. A nominal fee does apply to credit card payments. Autopay is another free billing method that will save you time each month.

Is part of Desert Water Agency?

Yes. We created as a customer information center. Some customers only want to receive their bills via email monthly, others prefer to have access to the suite of information provides. This is not a third party site. Our credit card payment processing is a third party site by Paymentus.

Can I get an e-bill and continue to get my paper bill via mail?

From the interface you can print out copies of your bill. We do not currently allow customers to receive both paper and electronic bills due to the cost.

Can I reprint my bill?

Yes. Click “View Bill” or “Download” for the desired bill and then you will have access to print.

Can I discontinue e-billing at any time?

Yes. If you go to your profile, you can request to return to paper billing.

Will I still get other information that used to come along with my paper bill?

Yes, your bill will come along with a PDF of any inserts that we send with our mailed bills, including the customer newsletter. If you’d like to sign up for DWA’s News Stream email alerts, visit

When do I get my bill via email?

You receive your e-bill after your meter is read each month. If you generally get your paper bill on the tenth of the month, you’ll likely get the ebill a few days earlier since it doesn’t have to travel by mail.

What if my bill doesn’t come to my email?

Please check your spam filters. You can also get your most recent bill just by logging in to

Why am I having trouble logging in?

Please verify your account number. There is also a link at login if you’ve forgotten your password. If you’re still having trouble, please email

How do I update my profile or contact information?

Click here to update your profile.

I am a tenant, can I sign up for an account?

No. The property owner needs to sign up for the account, even if you pay the bill. Your landlord may allow you access once they establish an account.

I live at an HOA, and don’t have my own account. Can I access the HOA’s bills and water usage?

Your HOA Board President or property manager will have to give you account information. Desert Water Agency cannot provide account information to non-account holding residents.